Aunts and Unks

My father was very close to his Uncle Wesley Ernest Disney and called him "Unk" in his letters.  He also used his middle name Ernest rather than Wesley.

Wesley Ernest Disney was a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. The town of Disney Oklahoma was named for him because he built a dam there.

The United States House of Representatives (or simply the House) is one of the two chambers of the United States Congress; the other is the Senate.


Wesley Ernest Disney b: 1883 31 OCT in probably Shawnee County, Kansas
Died: 1961 26 MAR in Washington, D.C
Marriage 1 Anna Vansant b: ABT 1885 in Kansas
Married: ABT 1917 in probably Oklahoma
1. Wesley V. Disney    b: 1919   7 OCT in Kansas        [Adopted]
2. Ralph W. Disney b: 1923 13 MAR in Kansas City, Missouri    [Adopted]
1. Wesley Vansant Disney b: 1919 7 OCT  [adopted]
Died: 5 FEB 1989 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma (Suicide)
Spouse: Virginia FRAYSER b: unknown      from Plainfield NJ
Married 1941 ABT
2. Ralph Willard Disney     b: 1923 13 MAR  [adopted]
Oil Geologist with Phillips Petroleum
Died: 14 AUG 1995 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri
Spouse:  Beverly E or B Berry b: unknown    Middle name could be Broun
1. Wesley E Disney II b: unknown
2. Sally Cameron Disney b: unknown
3. Mary Vansant Disney b. unknown
4. Robert Berry Disney b: unknown
I am missing information on  this branch of the family


Anna Van Sant and Nettie Van Sant were sisters
Loren G Disney  married Nettie Van Sant
Wesley E. Disney married Anna Van Sant
Aunt Anna is Anna Van Sant or Anna V Disney


Nettie Van Sant Anna Van Sant Anna Van Sant & Wesley V
1926 Aunt Anna  WE Disney Wife.jpg (70025 bytes) 1926 Aunt Anna+Wes  WE Disney Wife.jpg (72096 bytes)


Anna was a painter and she signed her paintings as Anna V Disney  
I have two of her paintings



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Loren G Disney   b: 1876 JAN 26 Levenworth KS
Adopted - biological parent J or G. Billye A. L Holland Leavenworth County Kansas
LG's parents were married 5 years when they adopted LG
Then suddenly they had 5-6 children of their own
father: Alfred Adolphus Disney b: 1849 JAN 26 Swan Creek, IL
mother: Clara Arabelle Zirkle b: 1854 FEB 25, Terre Haute, Ohio
Died: 1938 10 Jan Muskogee, Muskogee, OK
Spouse: Nettie Garrett Van Sant b: 1880 OCT 17 or 13 Mt Airy MD
Nickname: "Perky" 
Married 1902 NOV 5 Oakland, Shawnee Co KS
1. Dorothy Cameron Disney      b: 1903 NOV 13   Antoka Indian Territory (Friday the 13th)
2. Loren G. Jr "Bud" Disney b  1906 APR 2      Muskogee, OK
3. Stanley Eugene Disney                         b: 1910 Aug 10    Muskogee, OK
1. Dorothy Cameron   b: 1903 NOV 13 
Died 1992 SEP
Spouse:   Milton Angus Mackaye Died 1979    Married ABT 1929
1. William Ross MacKaye
Marriage 1 Mary Anne  Ginger Garner
    1. Katherine Mackaye b: 1957
2. Susannah Mackaye b: 1958
3. Ian Mackaye b: 1962
4. Alec Mackaye b: 1963
5. Amanda Mackaye b: 1964
2.. Loren G. Jr "Bud"   b 1906 APR 2
Spouse 1:  Mignon "Mike" McLaughlin b: unknown Editor for Magazine
Spouse 2:  Joan Collingwood   b 1913
Children (Spouse 2)
1. Loren Disney III b: 1952 SEP
2. Stepson (Perry unknown ) b: unknown
See Individual File/Folder for Loren G III
3. Stanley Eugene Disney b: 1910 AUG 10   Attorney Died: 05/24/1985 
Spouse: Francis Higbee Martin  b: 1910 OCT 14 Died: 05/06/1993
Married 1936 June 15
Children: (Adopted)
1. Loren Stanley
2. Charlton Hildreth
3. Anna Nettie
4. Milton Wesley
5. Grover Ben   
 6. David Wesley
7. William Ralph
8. Dianne Karen
9. Dorothy Cameron

Here is the only pictures I have of my Uncle Loren aka "Bud"

1924 Bud 1.jpg (111974 bytes) 1924 Loren 1.jpg (103896 bytes)


Stanley,  LG Disney, Dorothy
 Bud & Dorothy & Nettie Van Sant

Stanley,  LG Disney,
 Nettie Van Sant,  Bud and Dorothy

1933-familymadisonbch1.jpg (29875 bytes)



Dorothy Cameron Disney MacKaye

1933 1933

Here is the one I have of Aunt Dorothy (sitting next to the driver)

She was doing an article on our family and we got a free trip to Disneyland



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