Brothers & Sisters

First of all, all nine of us are adopted.  2 were adopted in Texas, USA and the rest were adopted in Germany.

To keep us occupied, my mother gave us all musical instruments to practice on, along with our singing.  Eventually she decided to exhibit us at various church functions.  We were like the Von Trapp Family only not so happy.

Accordion Loren, Anna, Milton, Grover, David & Bill
Autoharp Carol and Dorothy
Clarinet Loren, Milton and Dorothy
Guitar Bill
Maracas Dianne and Dorothy
Piano Grover, David, Bill, Carol, Anna, Dianne and Dorothy
Saxophone Loren
Snare Drums Loren and John
Violin Mother and Anna


I honestly do not remember Bill ever playing the guitar, and since this was a posed picture, so I think he was given that to hold.

1960-disneyband2.jpg (61389 bytes)


Here we are getting ready to go to another performance in the "Red Rocket", a 1953 VW imported with us from Germany before they were sold in the US 

DisneybandVW.jpg (98220 bytes)


1960-band+vw.jpg (35726 bytes)


Reserved for photos of our misspent youth