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1952 in Germany

The Twins  and
 Bill in between us

Loren & Carol
Mother & Father

Loren and Milton
Very snappy suits!

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December 27 1954

We came to America via the SS America

Departed Bremerhafen Germany December 19

Arrived New York City December 27 1954



Our first plane trip  from New York to Connecticut.
We came over  from Germany on a boat, then from New York we flew to Aunt Dorothy's house in Connecticut

Later we drove by VW bus across from Texas to California

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1955-plane01a.jpg (45351 bytes)



September  first day of school Our first Christmas in California
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This was our breakfast table - it's a picnic table  big enough to hold all of us

Loren at one end; The Twins at the other end  and 3 on each side
"watch the elbows"


1957-kitchentable2a.jpg (143747 bytes)




December in California
at our front gate

1957-disneyfrontgate.jpg (57374 bytes)



The Twins  holding cats
Bill is holding Christopher the dog

Thats either one of our parakeets or  hamsters that another cat is looking at


September - going to church
Don't we look happy

1960-familychurchsept1.jpg (35942 bytes)




Church Sunday
Foster brother Keith now with us

1961-churchsunday2.jpg (47804 bytes)


Mother wanted a monkey  

This was Cindy Lou 
a Wooley Monkey

1961-cindyloumonkey1a.jpg (36984 bytes) 1961-cindyloumonkey2a.jpg (36793 bytes)


Mother  had her over 20 years...
When Mother took her out , she wore diapers and dress's

1965-cindilou8yrs.jpg (52264 bytes)




The Army Base's pool
4 blocks from our house
Olympic size 
100+ stairs to go down then back up  after all day swimming
You had to leave a little energy after swimming to make it up those stairs

Every summer from 1955 to 1966

1964-armybasepool.jpg (37261 bytes)


A view from ground level

1960-Armybasepool1.jpg (89542 bytes)

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