I have the original adoption papers of my grandfather L.G. Disney.

It states the birth mother's name:  Billie A.C. Holland.  My father wrote it down once as Billye Holland.  I have not been able to find any record of her other than on this paper. 

In 1896 or '97 L.G. went to New York see a Mr Holland, his birth father.  L.G. asked Holland to advance some money to help his adoptive parents in Kansas, the Disneys. According to the story my father got, Holland said he was willing to send L.G. to college (he was about 20 at the time) but that he wouldn't give or lend any money to the Disneys. L.G. then told Holland to go to "Hell" and from what was told, he never saw his father again after that time.


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