In 1965 my father wrote letters to my brother Loren while he was in the Army. 

He thought that he should know some of his family history.  Here are the exact pages as he wrote them.


April 1st 1965

1965-04-01.bmp (2535990 bytes)


April 15, 1965

1965-04-15.bmp (3255454 bytes)


April 19, 1965


April 22 1965


May 14, 1965

Here I found the photos of that trip

   1928_Mounted_Horse_on_Mt_Rainer.jpg (62467 bytes)                1928_Nettie_Garrett_Van_Sant_&_Aunt_Jesse.jpg (58595 bytes)

    Netti Van Sant  aka "Perky"                             Reese Van Sant     he married                Jessie Mahala Kelsey
1928_Nettie_Garrett_Van_Sant_-_Mt_Rainer_1_normal.jpg (64238 bytes)                   1928_Uncle_Reese_-_Mt_Rainer.jpg (68158 bytes)     1928 Jesse's Car in WY.jpg (65636 bytes)