The Other Disneys
My name is Dorothy Cameron Disney Darby


We are not related to the direct branch of Walt Disney. I was always told that, so have no expectations there. Although we did get a free trip to Disneyland with my Aunt Dorothy back in the 60's. She was writing an article about us all.

I suspect one Disney from the England branch went to Ireland and then immigrated to Canada whence Walt Disney's family branch started.

I started out to write a book myself, about my traumatic childhood. I became sidetracked when I started digging thru my fathers personal papers and pictures for material and came across a "family tree" of sorts. 

There they were, relatives I had never known existed back when I was a child. A very few relatives I knew about; like my name sake Aunt Dorothy but I really didn't "KNOW her", just her name . I met her once or twice but I think was kept away from her "influence" (so I remember my mother saying). But THAT is another story.


So for the last few months I started digging thru GEDCOM records on the Internet and finding what worked for me and what didn't. I did start using a GEDCOM family tree program but soon found that it had its drawbacks. If I missed a relative, then adding them was a problem. There was no room to "insert them" in the proper order and I had already experienced family members being out of order on my internet researching. So I decided to put it down on paper, or to be more exact... .rtf files.

I was able to go back as far as 1667, to a William Disney in England.....then got sidetracked with the Zirkle family who I can trace back also to the 1600's, who immigrated to America about the same time and crossed our paths by marrying into the Disney's.

The Zirkles were a prolific family having from 10 to 16 children in a family so you can imagine the paths I took. I am still not thru tracing all of them. The Disney's were easier and easier still was the Van Sants. My grandmother.


I have had some tremendous fun piecing together this puzzle of the Disney family and what or who was my father and had quite a few surprises. I am an analyst and like to do research and dig to find facts. I am curious about everything. I am just surprised I never got into this before. But I do tend to get sidetracked because I just want to learn everything. I even worked for a Detective Agency at one time (my dream job) but they had to shut down the business and sadly I had to find another job. I thought it was my dream job and I was well suited for it, because I love to dig thru facts and I am highly organized.

This is a work in progress.  I will be posting the family trees as I get them finished and into a GEDCOM format also.


My Father       My Mother     Brothers & Sisters    My Grandparents   Aunts & Unk's   My Ancestors


Disney Main Branches:

Branner Disney Miller Van Sant Zirkle


Disney Minor Branches

Alexander Alsop Alton Anderson Armentrout Atchison Baker Bare
Barnes Benner Bible Binger Bingley Black Boettjer Booth
Bowers Briley Broochman Brousseau Brown Caplinger Cezar Claiborne 
Clark Cobb Coffelt Copp Coy Creason Dale Daly
Daugherty De Boe Disher Dixon Dodsen Drake Easterly Eddins
Enzor Ethridge Foley Foltz Freed Fronce Furgason Gaither
Gardner Gentis Goldsmith Goodyear Greathouse Green Gregory Hallock
Harper Harpine Hartman Headley Hess Hessman Hively Hoffman
Holland Hook Hopkins Howbert Kemp Kent Le Fever Leonard
Leshar Lorton MacKaye Marten Martin Mason Matney Maybi
McCalmont McCoy McClain McClean McElvain McIntyre McKinley Meador
Melvin Meyer Minturn Mitchell Moffat Morey Mowry Moyers
Murray Nave Neese Nelson Nicely Nimerick Olinger Orebaugh
Parker Pence Perry Peters Posten Pulliam Radcliff Rhodes
Rinker Robertson Roller Roush Rupe Schiffer Schneider Shaffer
Slocum Smith Sullivan Sweet Tauber Torrey Twiley Van Pelt
Vaughn Ward White Whyat Wilkins Wolgamuth Works Wormwood
Yorke Zimmer


Darby Main Branches


 Binger Darby Lundy  McClurg Wilson


Darby Minor Branches

Ackerman Ainsworth Aldridge Allnutt Allsman Beers Berg Blanton
Bowman Bushi Bushey Chambers Chiswell Cantrell Carl Cash
Casteel Coffman Cole Collins Cypert Dawson Deming Durkee
Ferrell Hale Heiny Hodson Hoke Holman Hudson LaForge
Lipham Lowe Mays McNeal Moore Moss Nell Nickerson
Overman Paulk Pinkston Roberson Robinson  Saunders Shreve Simmons
Smiley Snow  Strickland Surratt  Teets  Trundle  Westlake White


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