Index of Harry Senft Photos
taken of
Cemeteries in Adams and York Counties of Pennsylvania


When I started researching the Bushi/Bushey and Nell Branch of my family in York and Adam Counties of Pennsylvania, I was unable to verify where some of my relatives were buried.

I found Harry Senft's site of photos taken of these cemeteries. Some of the cemeteries were not indexed and as I started going thru the photos, I decided that if I was going thru them I might as well index them for future references.

I have talked to Harry, and also found that The Family Hart Cemetery Website is backlogged and it may be a long time before anyone else may be able to use these databases, so I am putting them here for future researchers.

Some of the headstones are so worn that you cannot read them.  You sometimes can decipher family names by who is buried next to them. So keeping the photo order is as important.



Barrens Salem Union Cemetery (Now United Lutheran Cemetery)
Washington Township, York County
Disk #12

person index
picture # index



Dillsburg Cemetery
Carroll Township, York County

Disk #31
person index
picture # index


For other Adam and York county cemeteries already indexed please visit here


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