Far off Warrior Tustenuggee Hopaithele Haujo

In 1777 there was an attack on the fort, the tribe captured a young girl named Hannah Hale, who was about 11 or 12 years old. In all likelihood, her father was a soldier stationed at the fort.

Young Hannah Hale, and probably several other captives, were taken to the Far Off Warrior's village known by traders as the "Fish Ponds" and located on the Coosa River situated in present day Coosa County, Alabama. Hannah Hale would later marry the Far Off Warrior, Tustunnuggee Hopoie, and by him have five Children.

Information concerning the Okchai Indians from which the Lalokalka settlement evolved can be found in John R. Swanton's book "The Indians of the Southeastern United States" both the Okchai Town and its settlement Lalokalka, of the "Fish Ponds", were commonly call the Fishponds by the fur traders.


Far off Warrior Tustenuggee Hopaithele Haujo

b: 1765 Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
Spouse: Hannah Hale b: 1765 Rogers Fort, Georgia
1. Polly Hale b: 1785 Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
2. Daughter Hale b: 1787 Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
3. Jane Hale b: 1790 Fisher Town  Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
4. David Hale b: 1805 Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
5. Samuel Hale b: 1806 Coosa County, Alabama Fishponds
All were 1/2 Creek Indian

It is presumed that Simeon was an Indian Trader in Creek County and in a visit to Fish Ponds, Alabama, he met Jennie Hale, a daughter of Hannah Hale and they were married around 1803. He brought her back to Wayne County, Mississippi where they lived and reared a family.

Simeon Commenced service in Lt. Col. Nixon's Regiment, Mississippi Militia April 23, 1814. Is listed as in Capt. James Thompson's Co. in the Mississippi Territory Militia War of 1812. The Date of his service expires October 22, 1814. He is serving at Fort Claiborne in Alabama October 7, 1814. His time of service was for six months.


3. Jane Hale b: 1790 Fisher Town  Coosa County, AL 
Died in 1840 Winshester Wayne Co. Mississippi       [1/2 Creek Indian]
Spouse: Simeon S. Strickland b: 1776 Edgecombe Co., MS
Married: 1803
1. Polly Mary Strickland b: 1805  Coosa Co. AL
2. Elizabeth Hale "Betsy Strickland b: 1806 JAN 25  Coosa Co. AL
3. John. W. Strickland b: 1808 MAY 08  Coosa Co. AL
4. Nancy Strickland b: 1815 Wayne Co. Mississippi    [1/4 Indian]
5. Ann Strickland b: 1816 MAR 30 Wayne Co. Mississippi
6. Soloman Strickland b: 1820 Wayne Co. Mississippi
7. Simeon S. Strickland Jr. b: 1822 APR 15 Wayne Co. Mississippi
8. Margaret Rebecca Strickland b: 1825 Wayne Co. Mississippi
9. Patience Jane Strickland b: 1826 Wayne Co. Mississippi
10. Redy Strickland b: 1827 Wayne Co. Mississippi
11. Samuel Strickland b: 1830 Wayne Co. Mississippi
2. Elizabeth Hale Strickland b: 1806 JAN 25  Coosa Co. AL
Died 1894 OCT 9 Green Co. Mississippi
Spouse: William Isaac Henderson b: unknown
Married 1827
4. Nancy Strickland b: 1815 Wayne Co. Mississippi   [1/4 Indian]
Spouse: Shannon Wilson Sr. b: 1810 North Carolina



Variations of Far Off's Name:
Far Off Hopoithele Mad Dog Haujo
Hopotithle Haujo aka Far Off Warrior


Chief Far Off Hopoithele Mad Dog Haujo
http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/121354/person/-608595227 PHOTO

Ancestors of Elizabeth Hale Strickland

Department of the Interior   Office of Indian Affairs   Washington, D.C.  November 14, 1882




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